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Madonna divorce leaves kids the cold

[ Via le blog de Brian Douglas, "All Children Have Rights" ]

David-Madonna.jpgSome kids have it all - a mother who has defined pop music for decades, a dad who makes movies, and a lifestyle that doesn't leave much to be desired. And they're called Madonna's kids. It is however just fantasy as is the material World the Madonna family lives in and a fantasy that will soon come to an end for the family, with the children being hurt the worst if the news of the Divorce of Madonna and Guy goes ahead as reported in the World press these past few days.


Even if the divorce does not go ahead then plainy things are not all rosy in the Madonna family home and this must be having an effect on the children both biological and adopted. Even at a young age children sense family breakdown and feel insecure, often hiding this within themselves.

The shopping spree's that the children have got used to will not matter anymore, but the loss of a Dad in the family home will.

It was well known that Guy was upset when his Wife decided to Adopt young David Banda from Malawi as he had a biological Father there, who could have been given the support needed so he could have had his son at home with him and have seen him grow up into a young man, rather than be whisked away by the material woman Madonna, who just picks kids like you and I go to the supermarket to pick food from the shelves.
What now for David Banda if the divorce goes ahead? Will Madonna give him back to his biological Father or leave him in her home without adoptive Father?

Why didnt she wait and decide on her Marriage first before rushing this adoption through one might ask? The answer as I've said is that sadly the young lad was just a material item for the Rich woman who wanted to prove she could have anything she wanted.

Here we see yet again the lack of respect for the child in intercountry adoptions and these kinds of adoptions must be banned like they are thankfully in Romania, so the rights of the child can be put first.

And lets not foget her son Rocco Richie and Daughter Lourdes Ciccone who will also be torn at the heartstrings by the loss of their Father in the family circle in the future. The loss of a Father will do untold and unseen damage to these children and even the Nanny will not be able to console their fears for the future.

The talk in the press about the prospect of divorce centers around the finacial settlement I note but there is no mention of the children! Clearly they come a sad second.

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