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Enfants kidnappés en Inde adoptés par des familles australiennes.

Stolen Children India.jpgKidnapped children adopted by Australians.

AT LEAST 13 young children from India were kidnapped, given new identities and adopted by unsuspecting Australian families, according to Indian police.

The allegations, detailed in Time magazine, centre on a dubious Chennai orphanage-cum-adoption agency called Malaysian Social Services.

The agency was able to arrange adoptions for Australians, even after an Indian court cancelled one family's proposed adoption in 1995 because MSS had lied when it claimed a five-year-old girl was abandoned.

It continued to send children to Australia - to Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT - before its principals were arrested over the kidnapping racket in 2005.

Citing Indian court documents, Time said children had been snatched by gangs and sold to MSS for 10,000 rupees ($263) each. Of 120 children it sent overseas, at least 13 went to Australia.

One was a two-year-old girl identified only as Zabeen, who was snatched while playing outside a tea shop in northern Chennai, and adopted by a Queensland couple through MSS in 2000, along with her purported sibling, another child stolen from a different family.

Zabeen's mother, Fatima, told the magazine: "I thought someone had taken her for her kidney."

In 2005, she and her husband identified their daughter from photographs taken from MSS files. "When she knows that she has her parents here, I'm sure that she will come looking for us," she said.

Queensland's Child Safety Minister, Margaret Keech, said the allegations were "very concerning", and promised that Adoption Services Queensland would co-operate with investigating authorities.

The state's other MSS child was adopted in 1995, before the time most of the kidnappings are thought to have happened, between 1998 and 1999.

The Sydney Morning Herald

-> Pour la traduction en français

Consulter le blog "Fabriquée en Corée" de Kim Myung-Sook.


->  'Stolen babies' adoption racket

A Canberra family who adopted two children from India is still waiting for an investigation into their case more than a year after notifying Indian authorities.
Julia Rollings and her husband Barry adopted brother and sister Akil and Sabila from Madras Social Service Guild orphanage in Chennai, in August 1998.
The Canberra Times. 24.08.08.


->  Adoption racket kids 'may be returned'

ANY children kidnapped in an overseas adoption racket will likely have to be returned to their families, federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson says.
The Australian. 23.08.08.


Stolen Children Australia.jpg->  Un bureau d'adoption indien proposait des enfants enlevés

Un trafic international d'enfants a été mis au jour en Australie. Des filles et garçons, originaires d'Inde, auraient été enlevés à leurs parents et proposés à l'adoption à des couples étrangers via un prétendu orphelinat. C'est ce qu'ont annoncé samedi les autorités australiennes. Selon le journal Time, jusqu'à 120 enfants kidnappés auraient probablement été adoptés par des parents étrangers. 14 d'entre eux vivent à présent en Australie.

Un porte-parole du gouvernement de l'Etat australien du Queensland a confirmé que la société Malaysian Social Services (MSS) de Madras (Chennai), en Inde, intervenait comme intermédiaire lors des adoptions. D'après la police indienne, MSS demandait de l'argent en échange des enfants et ils recevaient une nouvelle identité.

Une femme de Madras a confié au Time que sa fille de 2 ans, Zabeen, a été enlevée il y a 7 ans alors qu'elle jouait dehors. Cette mère a reconnu sa fillette dans une brochure de MSS. Le couple australien qui a adopté Zabeen a déclaré n'avoir jamais soupçonné un instant que l'enfant aurait pu avoir été kidnappé.

Source : AFP/7sur7.


->  International Adoption: Aid or Trade

Since beginning of last year there is much debate about intercountry adoption in The Netherlands. It started with the news of a stolen, kidnapped Indian child who allegedly had been adopted by Dutch citizens.

'Marie Claire’ - March 2008 - Anneke Bots.
'India demands stolen adopted child back from the Netherlands'. 'Dutch couple in prison in Sri Lanka because of illegal adoption'. There are scandals all over and criticism on intercountry adoption – yes, also on those of Madonna and Angelina – grows. What is going on?

He lives since seven year with his adoptive parents in the Netherlands, when all of a sudden his biological mother from India announced herself. Nine-year-old Rahul recently became world news. The boy had not at all been voluntarily relinquished, said his mother, but was stolen during the night. Rahul’s story is not the only recent adoption scandal. A Dutch couple was arrested this summer in Sri Lanka because they were trying to take a baby illegally out of the country. And last October the world was shocked by the images of hundreds of so-called orphans from Darfur, who were about to be taken out of the country by a French aid organisation. Another shocking fact? In Guatemala one out of a hundred children is especially delivered for export to the US. The mothers get 600 to 1600 dollar per child, adoptive parents pay around 30.000 dollar for a baby. The difference goes into the pockets of lawyers, baby brokers and directors of orphanages. The reason for all these wrongdoings: the demand for adoptions bypasses the offer, so all children are welcome. According to Unicef there are worldwide fifty potential adopters lining up per adoptable child.

The full article in dutch can be found on 'Adoptie Trefpunt' website. 

Source: Romania - For export only. Roelie Post.


->  Adult Example of the Effect to be Stolen and Adopted.

My name is Vanessa. I was born in India and adopted into Canada at the age of eight. I was stolen from my family in India at the age of 4 and then hidden and then adopted out of the country. You can see my video on www.youtube.com/iwasstolen There is a part one and part two to the video. Both videos together are 7 minutes long. I have been searching for my family for quite a long time and any help that you could give would be greatly appreciated.
I am desperate to find my family. My adoption did not turn out and the people that had adopted me had been found mentally unfit to adopt children in Canada but through private international adoption they were able to adopt me into Canada in 1978. I was kept in an attic and sexually and physically abused until children’s services took me away at the age of 14. Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. 28/11/2007.

Source: UAI - News.


->  Children snatched & stolen, racket is called adoption

4 vidéos, parus en octobre 2007 dans CNN-IBN, sur le commerce d'enfants volés en Inde et vendus aux parents d'autres pays.
Articles traduits en français sur Fabriquée en Corée.

-> Child adoption in India needs to be transparent

Single and unwed mothers are most vulnerable to child traffickers.
Videos IBN Live : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


->  The adoption market

A Frontline investigation lays bare a multi-billion-dollar, countrywide racket in inter-country adoption of children, run by private adoption agencies that exploit the loopholes in the rules.
Source: Frontline. Asha Krishnakumar. 2005.


->  Plusieurs familles québécoises ont peut-être adopté des enfants kidnappés en Inde

Une vingtaine de couples québécois, qui ont déjà adopté un enfant en Inde ou qui s'apprêtent à le faire, vivent dans l'angoisse parce qu'un réseau de trafic d'enfants vient d'être découvert dans ce pays.
Devant ces inquiétudes, le Secrétariat québécois à l'adoption internationale ne permet l'ouverture d'aucun autre dossier.
Au cours des dernières semaines, 188 enfants, que l'on craint avoir été kidnappés ou obtenus contre de l'argent, ont été retirés de sept orphelinats indiens souvent insalubres.
Source : Canoe. Archives 04/05/2001.