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Belgium heading to facilitate adoptions which creates new mazes for childtrade and trafficking.


Adopter and Politician(s) directly involved in new proposal to adapt Belgium Adoption law. American perspectives happily copied in Belgium.

Adopter and politician Else De Wachter says that, her proposal for a faster adoption procedure is ready. She pleads for a swift and continues adoption program were the adopters will have a longer validity of their adoption request compared to the present situation.

The tricky part is - what she states on her own website- that she is planning to facilitate adoptions, instead of protecting the procedure. She even hints to the Hague Adoption Treaty as explaination, but as she must know, the treaty does not provide such a concept as facilitate adoptions and the recruitment for new adoption channels.

Again Belgium shows, after years of scandals involving children, that they are slow learners and not willing to understand, that children are not for sale and a trade off of commodities. Nor there should be a distribution channel organized by the local, national or regional governments.

With a history of child molest, rape, pedophilia, child trade, murder and baby killings (last week) such a proposal should awaken the Belgium public to protest. But with structural lack of knowledge and the aim to please adopters instead of protecting children and their parents the development for new scandals is born.

Adoption is a last resort and should be a measure of protection instead of a facility. Children Rights First !


- Voorstel voor nieuw Vlaams adoptie-decreet
Mijn adoptiedecreet is klaar en hopelijk kunnen we hiermee een doorbraak veroorzaken in de lange buitenlandse adoptieprocedure! 
Verder lezen op de blog van Else De Wachter. 24 januari 2009.


- What has changed since Rome and the Romans

Belgium Senator Schelfhout, who childtrafficked a child from Congo for 'illegal adoption' finds the responses of her fellow politicians to easy and heading for electoral gain she says on her blog.

After the responses and critics of Mrs. De Wachter (see article after this one), waiting for a child by adoption also and fellow Senator Anne Delvaux, who's adoption mother of a child from China and awaiting another one from another 'uncontrolled' adoption country Mali. Ms, Schelfhout presents herself moderate in the Belgium Newspaper De Standaard.

But reading her comments on her blog, she is attacking silently her opponents and heading just like De Wachter for easier and faster adoption procedures. Belgium will become the new trade route for children as the ideas of all these Moms and to wish to become one, will be granted in the Belgium Parliament. Due the fact, that the Belgium Parliament ended up in their own storm and incapability of running the parlaiment lately, no one will really care about his issue. Compared to the adoption issue, the national one, of course has prioirty. The ideal season for people like Schelfhout, De Wachter and Delvaux.

No one of these women thinks about the consequences of their own emotions and lack of knowledge and understanding regarding the International Adoption issue. Indeed, somehow this all is about electoral gain. Foremost the ones who have no children and want to have one. Trafficking and Trading children for International Adoption seems to have no shame any more.

Lets throw away Human Rights and Children rights. Politicians first. What has changed since Rome ?

From UAI-News.

- Graag een ernstige discussie over de adoptieprocedure.
- Affaire Schelfhout. Mélanges confus entre humanitaire et adoption.