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129.000 enfants américains sont actuellement en attente d'adoption.

LA TONYA FRELIX.jpgIs international adoption about passion or trend ?

Just last week Madonna was denied the option to adopt a Malawi child, and as a result, blogs and commentary boards are abuzz on whether celebrities should adopt from overseas.


There's nothing wrong with giving a child a home, stable environment and loving parents. Does Madonna really have to adopt internationally to help a child become a productive adult? My first thought goes to all the children in the U.S. who are without mothers and fathers and are awaiting someone like a Madonna or Angelina Jolie to come in and sweep them out of the system.


According to the Dave Thomas Foundation, 129,000 American children are currently awaiting adoption. And while 79,000 children were approved for adoption last year, only 51,000 found homes through the foster care system, leaving 28,000 American children without adoptive families last year alone.


I'm not knocking the process and the intention, but why not seek a domestic adoption before heading overseas?


The Adoption Guide Web site breaks the financial costs:

- The majority of domestic newborn adoptions cost less than $25,000, while more than 75 percent of international adoptions cost more than $20,000.

- The majority of adoptions from Ethiopia and China cost between $15,000 and $25,000.

- The majority of adoptions from Russian and Guatemala cost more than $30,000.


Money may not be an object for Madonna, but what if she adopted locally and used whatever money she would have spent on adopting the Malawian girl on a charity?


I don't know what the time frame is on domestic adoptions versus international adoptions, but I recall one blog post stating some countries are tightening the laws making it difficult to adopt if the prospective parents are from another country. Is it really worth the hassle if you have children at home in dire needs as well?


What's the old saying? Oh, yeah. "Charity starts at home."


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Écrit par : Didier | 11/04/2009