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Etats-Unis. Comment un organisme d'adoption comme "DILLON INTERNATIONAL" abuse de l'adoption dans son propre intérêt.

Logo-UAI-NL.jpgUne culture fondée sur l'économie de marché ne garantit pas le respect de la meilleure norme éthique (ou convention).
Particulièrement lorsqu'il s'agit de lutter pour ses droits propres, ils revendiquent même les vies des autres afin de sécuriser leur meilleur intérêt, sans vouloir penser ou considérer les conséquences et la réalité derrière leurs motivations.
Evidemment les personnes adoptées travaillant dans ce domaine ne sont bien sûr pas consultées.

[Via United Adoptees International - News.]


How adoption agencies like Dillon International is abusing adoption for their interest

A culture which is based on a market driven economy is not secured for having the best ethical standards. Especially when it comes to fight for the rights of their own, they pass and even claim lives of others to secure their best interest not willing to think or consider the consequences and reality behind their motives. And evidently adoptees working in this field are of course not consulted.


Families for Orphans Act - Call To Action

Dear Friends and Families,

Anshula has recently come into an orphanage. She is four years old and alone. Where should she spend her childhood?
A) In an orphanage?
B) In temporary foster care?
C) In a permanent and loving family?

The answer should be obvious: a safe, permanent and loving family.

Unfortunately, the U.S. government and many aide organizations do not seem to agree. In fact, the U.S. sometimes spends millions of dollars, ensuring just the opposite. And while beloved organizations such as UNICEF keep millions of children alive, many believe it is better for children to live in temporary foster care than in a permanent family. The children of our world need your help to make a change. They need your help to live in a permanent family.

As a founding member of the Families For Orphans Coalition, the Joint Council for International Children's Services  is proud to announce that the first step in making this much-needed change is upon us. In a bi-partisan effort, landmark legislation was introduced into Congress, which will ensure that U.S. government programs, policies and funding are directed towards a singular goal: a permanent family for every child.

The Families For Orphans Act (Senate Bill 1458 and House Bill 3070), sponsored by Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and James Inhofe (R-OK) along with Representatives Diana Watson (D-CA) and John Boozman (R-AR) demonstrates our collective commitment to the millions of children living outside of permanent parental care and proactively address a global gap in the most basic of human rights - the right to a permanent family.

While the introduction of the legislation is an important first step, there is much more to be done. Now we must ensure that the Families For Orphans Act becomes the law of the United States. To do this, your voice is needed! Speak for those to cannot speak for themselves by supporting the Families For Orphans Act and joining our Call To Action.

Source : Dillon International



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