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Roumanie, France. Une famille rom vend un enfant sur base d'un plan de versement

‘Nine O’Clock’ reports of an illegal adoption between a French and a Romanian family. French prosecutors arrested the adoptive parents as they were paying the last installment for the child that was born in 2004. It is quite unfortunate that the article mentions the ethnic origin of the biological parents – which has nothing to do with the story.

A French family bought a Roma child from Romania, paying EUR 5,000 on the basis of an installment plan. DIICOT prosecutors apprehended the child’s parents on Monday, the day in which the last installment had to be paid. The two were arraigned before the Timis County Court’s magistrates with the proposal to place them under preventive arrest.

The deal was sealed in 2004 back when the child was born, opiniatimisoarei.ro informs. The child was sold immediately after birth. The parents forged paperwork too, so that the child’s birth certificate lists the French woman as his mother. His natural parents then returned to Romania where they started to receive the installments.

Source : Nine OClock | 12.01.2011