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Réouverture des adoptions intra européennes ? Sujet d'une résolution au Parlement européen.

Victor Bostinaru UE.jpgIntra European Adoptions ?
Reopening intercountry adoption – subject of a Resolution of the European Parliament


Published by www.victorbostinaru.ro on Tuesday 18 January 2011 (informal translation)


On Monday night, European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg has discussed an initiative of 62 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), mostly Italians, to re-open international adoptions to the European Union. Although both the debate and the resolution aimed at the general situation of international adoptions in all 27 Member States, in the MEPs speeches, Romania was the country mentioned almost exclusively with the criticism that its legislation does not allow international adoptions. The MEPs resolution will be put to vote tomorrow, 19 January.

The European Parliament debate comes less than a year after the petition of the Italian organisation Amici dei Bambini “, which called for the reopening of international adoptions by Romania, the proposal was closed by MEP Victor Bostinaru (PSD) and with the agreement of all members of the Petition Committee of the European Parliament.

MEP Victor Bostinaru welcomed last night’s debate in the European Parliament plenary session on the premise that “protection of child rights is and should be a priority of each EU member state as long as our ultimate goal for everybody here is to promote children’s interest. ”

At the same time, however, the MEP reminded those present that “opening the gates for international adoptions in Romania, has meant creating an unprecedented network of child trafficking, including cases of kidnapping children and selling them to the West, in collaboration with European and international organisations. ”

“Between 1997 and 2000, Romania has “exported” 9.150 children and my country will not ever again accept such a monstrosity,” said Victor Bostinaru.

In concluding his intervention in the plenary, Victor Bostinaru asked Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship and Vice President of the European Commission Viviane Reding to clarify the allegations published in Romanian and international media regarding the establishment of a European Agency for Adoption. According to revelations in the press in December last year, the European Commission pressured the law firm appointed to draw up a report on the status of adoptions in the 27 EU member states to include the conclusion that there is a need for the establishment of a European Adoption Agency.This agency should be followed to unite all the lobby mechanisms in order to force Romania to reopen international adoptions.

Sources : UAI news et ACT 


- European Union, Romania MEPs debate Romanian adoptions
‘Irish Times’ reports that the European Parliament tabled the issue of adoptions from Romania – which were halted in 2001. While there is now a pressure on Romania to make international adoptions possible, the country resists, saying that 9,500 children left the country through adoption in the three years between 1997 and 2000 and they do not wish to repeat this experience again. Parliament will vote on a resolution regarding this issue.
Source : Irish Times | 19.01.2011


- United Adoptees International Against Intra European Adoptions
Europe Heading for New Markets Romania used as Battering ram
Last Monday the European Parliament debated about a proposed resolution for intra European adoptions, especially to reopen adoptions from Romania. Nothing has created more tension in the European Adoption debate politically, as the closure of Romania at the beginning of this century. It seems that the European Parliament and also many allied organisations within Europe has forgotten the history and the need for immediate halt of Romanian Adoptions early 2000.