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Description du Syndrome Adoptif Génétique (SAG)

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I don’t know about you all, but I’m reaching a point of complete and utter frustration with certain segments of the adoptive parent community.

I mean, how many times do you have to explain the pain that thousands of living, breathing people have experienced because of adoption to get that it isn’t all about you? How many times do your stereotypes about “birth mothers” and “angry adoptees” have to be dismantled before you get that adoption stereotyping is wrong?

And how many times do you have to be told that the very real love you feel for your child isn’t proof that adoption is all good?

Maybe I’ve just lived too long or something, but I getting to a point at which I think it’s fruitless to even try to influence some APs out there. Between the religious zealots and the organized extremists, we - especially the adoptees - who are calling for something as unimpeachably logical and legally just as an adopted person’s right to access their original birth certificate are simply lost in the cacophony of pro-adoption rhetoric, or as Joy called called it, the “Hollywood informercials on adoption.”

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