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Pourquoi devrions-nous avoir le droit d'adopter illégalement? Petits enfants et affaires d'argent.

UAI.jpgWhy should we have the right to adopt illegally ?  Small Children - Big Money.

[Via United Adoptees International - News portal]

One of Scandinavia's largest adoption agencies has illegally adopted children. In the early 1990s Norwegian Adopsjonsforum brought children from Argentina, despite the fact that the South American country had banned international adoptions. Several years later one of the children wasstill reported as missing in his


Who's who?

.Eva Giberti: Works in the Argentinian Home Office and is the nation's leading expert in adoptions.
.Alberto Mazzaroni: Argentine judge who is accused of abiding to child trafficking.
.Ketil Lehland: then-chairman of Adopsjonsforum. Having a leading position in EurAdopt, which also includes Swedish organisations.
.Atilio Alvarez: The then children's ombudsman in Argentina. Gustavo Bobrik: Argentinian consul in Norway during parts of the 1990s.
Ketil Lehland


Aftonbladet.jpg-> Two journalists of Gringo magazine have revealed that a Norwegian adoption organisation, Adopsjonsforum, headed by Ketil Lehland, has adopted children illegally from South America, Argentina. Adopsjonsforum is one of the biggest adoption organisations in Scandinavia and works also closely with Swedish adoption organisations.


Gringo.jpg- Unclarity about Swedish adoption control
We call Margit Hasselgren, consultant of Swedish Adoptionscentrum and Meit Camving, Director-general for the authority for international adoption (MIA).