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La mère de l'enfant adopté Mercy James (3 ans) déclare la guerre à Madonna

Oma adoptiekindje verklaart oorlog aan Madonna


Madonna gaat de 3-jarige Mercy James uit Malawi adopteren. De oma van het meisje heeft de oorlog verklaard aan de zangeres. "Ik stap naar de rechter. Ik laat mijn kleinkind niet zomaar van me afpakken."


Madonna (50) heeft er negentien maanden over gedaan om de adoptie rond te krijgen. Maar als het aan Lucy Chekechiwa (61) ligt, gaat de kleine Mercy James nergens naartoe.


Het meisje woont sinds haar geboorte in een weeshuis. Haar vader is waarschijnlijk gestorven aan aids en haar moeder stierf vijf dagen na de bevalling. Oma Lucy vertelt aan de Britse krant The Sun: "Vorige maand ging ik bij mijn kleindochter op bezoek. Ik kreeg te horen dat de leiding op zoek ging naar een pleeggezin. Ze vinden dat Mercy later de kans moet krijgen om een goede opleiding te volgen. Maar ik blijf bij de afspraak die ik jaren geleden heb gemaakt: Mercy trekt na haar zesde verjaardag bij mij in."


Madonna laat zich echter niet uit het veld slaan en vliegt zondag naar Malawi. Eerder adopteerde ze de 3-jarige David Banda. Ze heeft twee biologische kinderen: Lourdes (12) en Rocco (8).


Bron: De Telegraaf.


Save The Children demande instamment à Madonna de réexaminer l'adoption de Mercy James Adoption.

Save The Children Urges Madonna To Reconsider Mercy James Adoption

"Le meilleur endroit pour un enfant est dans sa famille dans leur collectivité d'origine", la charité a déclaré le porte-parole Dominic Nutt. "La plupart des enfants dans les orphelinats ont un parent encore en vie, ou une famille étendue qui peut s'occuper d'eux en l'absence de leurs parents."



- MALAWI. Madonna’s African adoptions part of growing trend.
The fact is that the vast majority of children living in orphanages aren’t orphans. Most have at least one parent. And those that don’t almost always have extended family that could give them the loving home they need - with the right support.
”International adoption has become big business in some countries. Orphanage workers go out into communities to recruit children, luring parents to give up their youngsters with promises of education and three meals a day.
”These children, taken from the protection of their families, can be left vulnerable to unscrupulous adoption agencies, who profit from the sale of children without ensuring the child is eligible for adoption, or adequately vetting the adoptive parents.
”Releasing children from these conditions should be a global priority. But the answer is not to whisk children away to a new life thousands of miles from where they were born, unless as a very last resort.
”The answer is far simpler. Families need help to get themselves out of poverty, so they can feed, educate and protect their children in a loving, family environment.”
Save the Children UK. Better Care Network.


- I'm Mercy's dad. Hands off my girl Madonna, I Want to raise her.
Madonna's hopes of adopting "orphan" Mercy James were dealt another major blow last night when the Sunday Mirror tracked down a man who claims to be the child's long-lost father. James Kambewa, speaking exclusively to our reporter, insisted: "She is my daughter and I want her to live with me." Authorities in Malawi had always believed the three-year-old was an orphan and had failed to find her father. But we traced him to a remote village 100 miles from the capital Lilongwe where Mercy is being cared for in a luxury hotel. Now 24-year-old James is determined to prove he is the biological dad by taking a DNA test - and is desperate to meet his daughter for the first time.


- La seconde demande d'adoption de Madonna au Malawi est refusée par le Juge d'un tribunal de Lilongwe.
"Je dois rejeter la demande de Madonna", a déclaré la juge Esmie Chondo, en expliquant que la fillette, Chifundo James, ne vivait "plus dans la pauvreté depuis son admission à l'orphelinat de Kondanani" (sud).
La juge a également motivé sa décision par le risque de favoriser le trafic d'enfants si la justice ouvrait avec ce précédent la porte aux adoptions internationales sans respecter la procédure. "Il serait tentant d'abandonner toute prudence et d'autoriser l'adoption dans l'espoir de changer la vie d'un seul enfant", a-t-elle dit, avant d'ajouter: "mais, en ôtant toute protection pour nos enfants, les tribunaux pourraient favoriser le trafic de mineurs par certains individus peu scrupuleux, qui profiteraient de la faiblesse de la loi."
Source: TV5.

- HRCC Statement on the adoption of Mercy James by Madonna
The Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) is a network of 85 local civil society and non-governmental organisations that work to promote good governance, protect human and people’s rights, and contribute to national development through the entrenchment of a culture of transparency and accountability. HRCC does not promote personalities for political or other interests, but promotes systems and principles that are incidental to development and to the entrenchment of a culture of respect for human dignity at all levels. HRCC prioritize the rights of children, among other fundamental rights. HRCC would like to put across its concerns regarding the adoption of another child, Mercy James by American Pop Music Star Madonna. HRCC considers the promotion and protection of the rights of children as a fundamental role to be played by all development partners and that government must take a leading role in that respect. The state must be seen to be protecting children and not relegating its responsibilities to child adoption agencies and individuals.
HRCC asks the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Justice, Malawi Law Commission and relevant non-state actors to expedite the process of reviewing the Child Adoption Laws and policy before the current situation of child trafficking becomes formalized and gets more prone to abuse for commercial and other non-child welfare related interests.
Pound Pup Legacy


- New concerns about international adoption.
‘Madonna-style’ inter-country adoptions are causing a rise in the number of children in orphanages, University of Liverpool psychologists concluded recently.

- Rise in institutionalised children linked to 'Madonna-style' adoption
Psychologists at the University of Liverpool say that 'Madonna-style' inter-country adoptions are causing a rise in the number of children in orphanages.
University of Liverpool.

- Pour adopter, mieux vaut s'appeler Madonna que Corine Dupont.
Remarques de Marlène Hofstetter, responsable du secteur adoption chez Terre des Hommes

- Madonna divorce leaves kids the cold
Via le blog de Brian Douglas, "All Children Have Rights"

- Petite lettre à un bébé du Malawi


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L'adoption par des célébrités devient une habitude.


CarlaBRuni.jpgAdoption by celebs becomes a habit. 


First Lady from France, Carla Bruni, well known as singer, says she wants to have a baby with the French President Sarkozy. But says, if this not will happen, she will adopt a child. 

Adoption by celebtrities seems to be a common good and they present adoption many times as facility. As a 'escape' route by lack of having a own child or as a private project to do good.


This development is very concerning one. Not only for the unprotected children, but foremost for the parents whom are not able to distinct reality from the glamour of the well known person to whom they hand over the child. For a critical example, see Maddona's 'illegal' adoption from Malawi of David Banda.  


Source: United Adoptees International-News.


- Pour adopter, mieux vaut s'appeler Madonna que Corine Dupont

Entre les adoptions rapides des stars et celles qui durent parfois plusieurs années pour les couples «normaux», il existe une inégalité de traitement qui dérange.
Source : 20min.ch




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