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L'adoption par des célébrités devient une habitude.


CarlaBRuni.jpgAdoption by celebs becomes a habit. 


First Lady from France, Carla Bruni, well known as singer, says she wants to have a baby with the French President Sarkozy. But says, if this not will happen, she will adopt a child. 

Adoption by celebtrities seems to be a common good and they present adoption many times as facility. As a 'escape' route by lack of having a own child or as a private project to do good.


This development is very concerning one. Not only for the unprotected children, but foremost for the parents whom are not able to distinct reality from the glamour of the well known person to whom they hand over the child. For a critical example, see Maddona's 'illegal' adoption from Malawi of David Banda.  


Source: United Adoptees International-News.


- Pour adopter, mieux vaut s'appeler Madonna que Corine Dupont

Entre les adoptions rapides des stars et celles qui durent parfois plusieurs années pour les couples «normaux», il existe une inégalité de traitement qui dérange.
Source : 20min.ch




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