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Interdire TOUTES les adoptions indépendantes! Un modèle pour les États-Unis et le Monde!

Finland set to ban independent adoptions

A Finnish justice ministry working group proposed Friday that the government should propose legislation to ban independent cross-border adoptions and introduce adoption age limits.

Under current legislation international adoptions are subject to permits granted by the Board of Inter-Country Adoption Affairs, a health and social affairs ministry body, but a number of loopholes mean that independent adoptions have been possible.

Most people wishing to adopt from abroad have however gone through the board, with up to 20 independent adoptions a year.

The working group also proposed that all adoptions, including those within the country, would have to be cleared by the board.

The working group wants a minimum age of 25 and a maximum of 50 for adopting parents as well as minimum and maximum age differences of 18 and 42 years, respectively, between adopting parents and the adopted child.

Via Family Preservation Adovcate


La Finlande obtient une nouvelle loi sur l'adoption et arrête les adoptions individuelles

Finland gets new adoption law and stops 'private adoptions''

Source :  United Adoptees International.

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